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Pencils. Paper. Rulers. A sack to carry these essential items in. Many of us take these things for granted, but the reality is that many families struggle to provide these most basic, educational tools for their children.

Island Success through Learning Association, Inc. (ISLA, Inc.) was created to help improve the educational disparity that comes with poverty.

Thanks to the generosity of local organizations, businesses and individuals, many children in Guam and Micronesia will be able to focus on learning rather than what they don't have.

Who We Are

Island Success is a non-profit charity established to help the needy children in Guam to take full advantage of their education opportunities. We were formed in October 2009. School year 2010 marked our first campaign. This year (2015) we are able to distribute bags filled with school supplies to 2,000 children attending 4 public elementary schools in Guam.
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Donations Are Tax Deductible

Because Island Success is recognized by both the IRS and the Government of Guam as a charitable organization qualifying under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, your donation is tax deductible.

The Need

But the need is great. There are 26 public elementary schools in Guam with a student population of approximately 14,000. 80% or more of these children come from families on financial assistance. And many of these families cannot afford to equip their children with the essential supplies for school.

Our backpacks are a symbol of hope and encouragement to the children, and may very well be their sole personal possession. We hope our efforts encourage the children to make a commitment to get the most out of the education available to them; education is a proven method of improving their lives and breaking the cycle of poverty. The smiles on the faces of the children tell us that our efforts have not gone to waste.

What We Provide the Children

Thanks to the generous discounts from our suppliers, we are able to provide each full backpack for an average cost of approximately $25.

A typical backpack contains 5 composition books, crayons, glue, a ruler, an eraser, 2 pens, 10 pencils, a pencil sharpener, and a pencil pouch. Quantities and items may vary depending on availability of supplies and funds.

100% Donation Funded | 100% Volunteer Operated

Island Success is 100% donation supported, coming from a mixture of individual and corporate contributors.

Federal employees can find us listed on the Combined Federal Campaign Web Site. Just enter our 5 digit CFC ID No. 28154 in the search block - - and give through your agency's CFC drive. | CFC Web Site here.

Nearly 100% of donations go directly to purchasing backpacks and school supplies. Our administrative costs are minimal. Of course a small amount is needed from time to time for office supplies such as paper and postage, for corporate filing fees, and for shipping costs. This was 5.9% for tax year 2014. In other words 94.1 cents of every donated dollar went directly to the kids.

We have no paid staff; the entire staff works on a volunteer basis.